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Acanthus Holden Architects are in general practice, with a commitment to the conservation and creative reuse of old buildings and the care of the environment we all depend on.

Acanthus Holden Architects is a founder member of Acanthus Associated Architectural Practices Ltd.

Acanthus architects share a commitment to quality in design and a belief that good architecture for the region is best provided by regional architects.

Most staff have a long association with the area and share the history and aspirations of the local community. Projects vary from pedestrian bridges in historic landscapes to large hotels.

Clients include individuals, local communities and corporate bodies.

The practice firmly believes that the best architecture is best produced by the best architects working in the best environment.

Mae’r practis yn falch o’i wreiddiau Cymreig ac yn hybu’r defnydd io’r iaith ar bob cyfle.

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