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Mynachlog Fawr

Client – Strata Florida Trust

Location – Mynachlog Fawr

Commission – Feasibility Study

The Strata Florida was a Cistercian abbey built in 1164. The abbey was responsible for the most important primary historical source on Welsh history (y Brut y Twysgogion) and had a huge influence around it. In the 1540’s Henry VII had the abbey dissolved and the monastery has mostly laid in ruins since.

The Farm House (Mynachlog Fawr) was built on former lands of the Cistercian Abbey of Strata Florida, which were granted to the Earl of Essex at the Dissolution of the Monasteries.

The feasibility study proposed a new hotel and visitor centre at the home farm, adjacent to the Strata Florida Abbey ruins. The farm house and buildings are clearly a unique asset in an outstanding location and the new design sits sensitively within the original farm layout.

The study supported by the H.L.F. looked to convert the buildings to a small exclusive hotel and a new visitor centre explaining and encouraging greater access to the Abbey ruins and the surrounding landscape.

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